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Our choices impact the planet

Discover what we’re doing for the environment!

Our choices impact the planet

We are having a bigger and bigger effect on nature. It currently takes the planet over a year and a half to regenerate the resources we consume in a single year. We have to rethink our relationship with the environment.

Hardloop was founded with the belief that nature and movement should be at the centre of our lives. We want to be a source of inspiration to help you find the best gear for your adventures. Nature is our playground, and it’s our responsibility to look after it. Future generations must be able to enjoy the delights of hiking, running, whizzing along, climbing and exploring a healthy planet.

Given our beliefs, and as a response to the climate emergency, we’ve made two major environmental commitments:

  • To be carbon neutral from 2021
  • For 90% of products to be ecodesigned by 2023

Our commitment to the planet

Carbon neutral from 2021: The Paris Climate Agreement set the goal of climate neutrality for the global economy by 2050. Given the climate emergency, and because we want to be seen as an example in this fight, we’ve committed to making Hardloop a carbon neutral company from 2021.

To take this further and protect our “playground”, we’ve decided to compensate for our historical carbon footprint too.

On 22 April 2021, Hardloop became a carbon neutral company!

With support from ClimatePartner, we’ve calculated and offset all our historical emissions since our launch in 2015, and now neutralise all our CO2 emissions. Offsetting is the first step in a long journey that will have to see us reduce our emissions. The entire Hardloop team is working hard in this area, undertaking small initiatives to bring about big changes. Most of us commute into work by bike, of course. But we’re also going further by using green energy, recycling cardboard, working from home, choosing ecodesigned products, etc.

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90% ecodesigned products by 2023: Our aim is for each adventurer’s kit to capture more CO2 than it emits, and to be able to have a collection of 100% sustainable outdoor gear one day.

To pursue this goal and guide our community in their decisions, we’ve decided to create the HardGreen selection. This selection brings together the best ecodesigned adventure products. All products in the HardGreen selection must meet certain criteria to make sure their design and durability are eco-friendly. These elements might relate to the manufacturing process, materials used, or low energy consumption.

Each year, we’re increasing the proportion of ecodesigned products in our range and working hard to achieve 90% by 2023. Although this goal is ambitious, we know that with your help it can be achieved. We’ll then be able to quickly progress to a 100% sustainable adventuring kit!

Learn more about the HardGreen selection

What we’re doing for the environment

We’ve also introduced several other initiatives to help us pursue an approach that matches our values and our societal responsibility.

Carbon neutral: When we launched, we chose to plant at least one tree a day per Hardloop staff member to offset our CO2 emissions. In late 2020, we decided to become a climate neutral company to make faster progress in this area and offset our emissions.

First, with support from ClimatePartner (a climate protection specialist), we calculated the CO2 emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) we had produced since we were founded. Then, we chose three projects that would help reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere to protect the climate.

The three projects we support were selected by the team and are consistent with our past activity:

On 22 April 2021, Earth Day, Hardloop became a climate neutral company!

The whole team has enthusiastically and humbly taken on this new status, which we think of as a starting point rather than an end.

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100% recycled cardboard: Since we received our first parcel in 2015, we’ve been getting our cardboard collected so it can be recycled and reused. Going further, as long as we’re sure that your products will be well protected on their journey to you, we reuse all the cardboard boxes we receive in a good condition when we ship our own parcels. This “little” everyday habit saves hundreds of pieces of packaging a year to help the planet hugely. The boxes are even sometimes turned into a work of art before they travel to you.

See Hardloop sculpture!

Green energy:  When we moved our headquarters from Paris to Annecy in summer 2020, we decided we would use green energy. This means our offices are now supplied with 100% renewable energy, which comes from inexhaustible sources like water movement, wind, sunlight and organic decomposition. As well as making this important change, we’re trying to limit our energy use.

Creating the HardGreen selection: We believe we have a responsibility to support our community to change their consumer behaviour in the ways needed by the planet. This is why we’ve created the HardGreen selection to showcase the best ecodesigned adventure gear. All HardGreen products must meet certain criteria to make sure their design and durability are eco-friendly. These elements might relate to the manufacturing process, materials used, or the little energy needed for production, etc. This selection contains all the kit you need to go on an adventure that also protects the planet!

But we know this isn’t enough and we’re far from perfect. Feel free to tell us what else we could do to limit our collective impact on the planet so we can do more, faster!

While there’s still a long way to go with you and with our partners, we’re sure we’re going in the right direction... We all need to consume less, but better!