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Nothing is better than an outdoor getaway to recharge batteries and get a sip of fresh air! With family or alone, take a chance to go out for an adventure, even for just a weekend. Offer yourself a fulfilling rest, away from the torment and speed of urban life. Camping is a great way to have a glimpse of  simple natural life, take on challenges and learn more about your surrounding habitat.

However, camping is also a question of equipment! Luckily, it is possible to enjoy fabulous moments with few camping equipments, which is one of the numerous advantages of this activity opened to all.

If you are a beginner in camping or bivouacking and have the desire to enjoy an outdoor night without sacrificing your comfort, this is possible with the adequate equipment! Before surviving in extreme conditions with limited resources, why not authorizing yourself to enjoy simple camping and rest? In order to make the most out of your outdoor adventure, we have created a camping checklist of the must-have to make this moment memorable. This one is voluntarily very complete, but if you’d like to follow it rigorously, we will not blame you!

Camping essentials 

If it is your first experience camping, start by buying, borrowing or renting the basic elements to spend a night under the stars. Those elements are, from our point of view, the following :

  1. A tent
  2. A sleeping bag
  3. A sleeping mat
  4. Some food
  5. Clothes adapted to camping activities
  6. First aid kit & hygiene products

One of the main advantages of camping is having the opportunity to spend a night outdoor with a minimum of equipment, to be closer to the natural environment. However, it is also much appreciated having minimum comfort to fully enjoy this experience, so far away of urban standards. As your camping experience will grow, it will be up to you to find the right balance between necessities and surplus. 

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Camping list : Sleeping material

While camping, having trouble sleeping can quickly become irritating, this is why sleeping material should not be forgotten to spend enjoyable nights outdoor!

Camping list : Sleeping material

Camping checklist :  Tent

The essentials to build a camp base, where ever you are :

Camping checklist  : At dinner time

The essentials to cook outdoor and enjoy your meal :

Eating while camping : all the basics

Camping checklist : Lightings

Eating inside the tent or around the campfire, nighttime is a moment to rest and, surely, the most awaited time to enjoy outdoor life. Being able to have enough lighting to move securely when sun has set is better!

Camping checklist : Hygiene and care

all equipment to live outdoor for a week-end.

Camping checklist : Clothes and shoes to bring with you

As it may happen for you to be confronted with sunny weather and cold and humid nights, bring with you outdoor clothings and shoes in order to spend enjoyable moments!

Camping Checklist : Other personal belongings to bring with you

Camping essentials for us

Camping essentials for us

Hubba Hubba NX - 2 man tent
Light Down 0° - Sleeping bag
Ether Light XT - Sleeping pad
Sea To Summit
Thermolite® Reactor Extreme - Sleeping Bag Liner
Sea To Summit
Insulated TKPro - Vacuum flask
Klean Kanteen
Flash - Cooking System
N°09 Chêne - Knife
Actik Core - Headlamp

We hope that this camping checklist will enable you to start your camping adventure in the best conditions and that you will find outdoors to be a comfortable and welcoming place. Lack of natural environment is a well known syndrome and the best way to fight it is to go out! We should not be to blame if you suddenly decide to escape the city and never set foot there again, as camping is great for your health. Let’s start our adventure and bring green to our lives!

If you have other questions regarding the equipment to take for camping or bivouacking, don’t hesitate to contact us on the 01 84 67 14 24 (free calls) or at our Customer Care Center. It will be a pleasure for our Hardguides to exchange with you and guide you in the choice of the best camping equipment

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